Oral Health at Woodlands

Oral Health at Woodlands

Oral Health

It is the policy of Woodlands Nursery to actively promote high standards of oral health by actively encouraging tooth friendly eating and good habits of personal and oral hygiene.

Importance of Oral Health in Early Years
Dental decay is the most common oral disease affecting children in the UK, and it is largely preventable (excerpt from Public Health England). Educating children in Early Years about the importance of Oral Health and through raising awareness we together can help to instill good practices for the future of children in society.

Oral Health Curriculum

  • Oral health is included in the curriculum and in any learning opportunities where appropriate.
  • We have arranged a visit from a dentist/oral health professional this term to talk to the children about the importance of Oral Health.
  • We are aiming for at least two visits annually to support our Oral Health Policy
  • Dental health will feature as a theme prior to or after these visits, (e.g. dentist's corner, stories, songs, etc).

Good oral hygiene is promoted at all times

Tooth Brushing at Woodlands

  • We actively encourage supervised brushing for children at Woodlands in accordance with the guidelines per www.dentalhealth.org

Tooth-Brushing At Home

  • Parents/ Guardians are encouraged to continue regular brushing at home.
  • Public Health England have published a useful document regarding "Looking after your children's teeth" to provide Parents with lots of information about supporting your child's Oral Health.
  • Parents and guardians can access information about tooth brushing or oral health from nursery staff.

Click on the link below, suggested materials sourced from Dental Health Org to help Parents broach the subject of Oral Health with children using imaginative and visual tools!

Dental Buddy Early Years Presentation


  • Staff Appropriate training and information will be given and shared between all staff in the nursery.
  • All staff are familiar with the Woodlands Oral Health Policy.

Approach to Food in relation to Oral Health at Woodlands

Food and Snacks

  • Generally children are provided with tooth friendly snacks (i.e. foods with low sugar content).
  • Foods with high sugar content will be provided on a very limited basis (i.e. Special occasion: See Rewards and Special Occasions).
  • All foods served in the nursery are provided or supervised by nursery staff in accordance with this Oral Health Policy.


  • Milk and water only will be offered to the children as a drink with their snack or at other times throughout the day.
  • No fizzy drinks will be served in the nursery at any time.

Rewards and Special Occasions

  • Sweets and chocolates will not be used as a reward for good behaviour.
  • A birthday treat can be provided by nursery staff and served to children on birthdays or served on special occasions (i.e. last children's Christmas Party etc.