Fees & Deposits

Fees & Deposits

Terms and Conditions
We issue electronic Terms and Conditions to be signed prior to your child starting Woodlands, this contract must be signed before your child can be enrolled.

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Do we require a deposit?
Yes, a deposit equivalent to one month of your child's fees is necessary. This deposit will be refunded to you on your child's last day at Woodlands or can be applied towards their final fees upon departure.
You'll receive a deposit invoice for your records and ours.

Do I still have to pay a Deposit if my child is registered to start very far in advance?
Deposits must be paid within three month's of your child's start date at Woodlands.

Can I pay my child's Deposit via their Government Tax-Free account?
Unfortunately we cannot accept deposits from the Government Tax -Free child account.
A deposit value is £1.00 and a Parent contributes 80p the Government top-up the Tax-Free account by 20p, subsequently Woodlands receive the invoiced amount of £1.00.

When returning the deposit there would be two possible outcomes:

1. Woodlands refund the full amount of £1.00 to the Parent, the Parent gains 20p
2. Woodlands keep the 20p and return the 80p to the Parent, Woodlands gains 20p

Both options are not viable as it would be miss-appropriation of public funds, as the Government do not provide an option for Nurseries to collect the monies to return.

What is the notice period to leave Woodlands and will my deposit be refunded?
We require one month's notice period for your child to leave Woodlands, however we can accept shorter notice periods for exceptional circumstances, in such circumstances please reach out to the Management team to discuss.

Registration Fees

  • We charge a Registration fee of £125 per child (or per Family in the instance that more than one child is applying for a place within one Family) which is non-refundable.
  • Once the Registration Fee has been paid your child's place is held, without the payment of the fee we cannot guarantee holding a place.
  • We will issue you an Administration Fee invoice to retain for your and our records.

Administration fees cover the costs of:

  • Settling in sessions (including drinks and snacks provided and Key Educator care).
  • Providing us with assurance that your child is joining Woodlands; we must plan ahead accordingly for the correct staff to be employed, recruited and resources appropriately purchased to ensure that we can safeguard children appropriately and provide the best level of education.
  • Issuing an electronic envelope for Admission and Registration forms (We incur charges per each electronic envelope sent).

When is our Billing Cycle?
Invoices will be issued on the 22nd of each month to parents who are registered as bill payers on the Famly App.

When is your child's fees due by?
All fees are due by the 1st of the following month after the invoice has been issued, this includes all forms of payments made to the nursery.
e.g. If an invoice is issued on 22/06 fees will be due on 01/07.

What happens if I pay late?
We will add a charge of £30 to all late payments.

Do we offer Sibling Discounts?
Yes, 10% for the eldest sibling, and 5% for the second eldest sibling if a third sibling is in attendance (if you have more than three children in attendance please contact us directly).

Do we offer Key Worker Discounts?
Yes, 10% for NHS workers and Teachers. Please provide evidence by form of payslip, a letter from your employer or worker site entrance badge etc.