Our Mission, Values & Vision

Our Mission, Values & Vision

Mission Statement
"I never teach my pupils; I only provide the conditions in which they can learn" - Albert Einstein 1879-1955

The Woodlands Way is to create an environment where children's development relates to the surroundings in which they are given the opportunity to thrive. We have adopted the "Family Grouping" approach where children are encouraged the play, learn and develop at stages in their early years that apply to each individual child's needs not just their age.

Through the concept of "Family Grouping", we aim to help children to develop responsibly, for themselves and their actions and to become competent, confident, independent and co-operative individuals.

Culture - Celebrating, appreciation, embracing, multi-faith staff and directors

Achieve - Goals, expectations, full-fulfillment, for every child, age, stage and ability

Respect - Self-awareness, mindfulness, inclusion, understanding all families, children and teamwork

Environment - Safety, health, all encompassing, teaching and learning, home from home, welfare and well being


"To create an outstanding setting through encouraging children to learn and grow in a free and caring environment."