Famly App for Parents

Famly App for Parents

Famly is a GDPR-compliant digital platform that offers nurseries an all-in-one solution for communicating, learning journals, and invoicing.

Parents can download the app via Android and Apple devices.

Famly software allows us to communicate with the parents daily, logging the Child's eating habits, sleep, play and activities and sharing photos for parents to see their Children.

Parents can stay in touch with the Nursery by sending messages to their Child's key workers, and receiving them back. This is an interactive way for parents to stay in touch with the Nursery whilst on the go during their busy days!

Future planned events, key dates and reminders can be shared via the Famly App to provide parents with a portal and list of dates for the future.

Parents can create their own private groups to communicate with other parents, with the option to opt out of such communications also.

Click here for a link to the Famly website: https://famly.co/

Famly App Guidance for Woodlands